Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No e-mail?

I read of a story about a billionaire who didn’t own a laptop, and so…


I remember a story about an applicant for a low-level job: as a janitor.

There were a few people before him, but then, he was selected to fill that

post. Came the final interview, then the HR manager asked him for his

e-mail, so they can send him the outcome, as well as all other details.

To this he replied, ‘I don’t have one.’ The HR manager was surprised,

told him that this is required if he were to work in their company, and so,

due to this small matter, he wasn’t taken.


The man was sad, but vowed to do his best to make what he can to make it big.

He did. He did tomato business. He started small, from the least level,

juggling things here and there, bringing boxes from one store to the other.

And because of his perseverance, he was soon rising to a level recognizable.

Soon, he was managing the network himself. From footwork, he had lorries,

then trucks and trucks of tomatoes. He was soon simply sitting down at his

office, doing all the schedules of the deliveries, the picking up from the

suppliers, the leaves and holidays, etc.


Not long after that, his business was recognized by one particular insurance

company. The rep called in for a meeting with him. The day came, the talk

was done, and since he didn’t immediately decide, the rep asked if they can

send him some more brochures or pamphlets for his reading, and also, if they

can send him some other valuable info through e-mail, to which the man said,

‘I don’t have one.’ The insurance rep was astonished, and said in return,

‘No e-mail? Where would you be if you don’t have one? What would you be

if you had one?’ and the man said, ‘A janitor.’


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