Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life is either very simple, or intricately complicated


A few days ago, I was into some events in my life that I will say I cannot fully comprehend.

What started as a very simple proposition ended up having multiple consequences, of which

some are very sensitive, and the rest are simply hilarious or embarrassing.


Still, I don’t fully understand how things got up into such a puzzling web of entanglement,

exposing, uncovering, breaking, displaying some things that otherwise would not have been

known or unseen; some things would have been kept secret or clandestine, but now, no more.


No matter what happens, life goes on. It is not so much an achievement working with people

when it is done so easily and happily. What matters and counts the most is to continue working

with people whom you have brushed elbows with, people who have bruised you as much as

you bruising them, and so on. For when after the years have passed, and you have grown old,

and you are sitting down together and recounting the years and trying very hard to remember

all that have transpired, you will find such fulfillment and satisfaction, not so much in what

has been accomplished, but how you have grown together, and remained true to each other,

no matter how much bruises and clavus you’ve inflicted or sustained, all the more, as these

would seem to be your trophies that authenticate your patience and endurance in your passage.

Really, it is not how your life has been easy, but how you have overcome the many and varied

obstacles in your life that gives you the sense of satisfaction and achievement. When you’ve

reached the final lap, you’ll look back at all these with a smile, happy to be finishing, and eager

to receive your crown.


To me, this and life is perplexingly complex…



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