Friday, May 07, 2010

When children divorce

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By Dr Bill Maier

It’s always tough to hear that someone’s getting a divorce. But what about when that “someone” is your child?

There’s nothing quite as devastating as a divorce in the family and when your own child is involved the pain and shock can feel unbearable. You want to protect them but you don’t know how. The best you can do is to simply be there for them — physically and emotionally.

Your first step should be to discern whether there’s any chance of reconciliation.

Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible: The Social and Literary ContextYou might even encourage them to postpone the divorce until they’ve had a chance to go through marital counselling. But keep in mind that the decision isn’t yours to make.

If they decide to go through with the divorce, give your unconditional support and stay with them. Be ready with advice and counsel but only when asked.

Above all, don’t pass judgment — on your child or their spouse. What they need is support, not more guilt.

From TODAY, Voices - Thursday, 06-May-2010

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