Thursday, May 06, 2010

Taking care of toys

By Dr Bill Maier

Tips for Keeping Toys OrganizedKids love to own toys. Just watch any group of toddlers and listen to how many times they say: “Mine”, or “My turn”.

And if this sense of ownership is important to them, why not use the opportunity to teach them how to care for their belongings?

Even young kids can be taught to store things in their proper place. Not only does this prevent toys from being lost or damaged, but this keeps kids from tripping over them and falling.

Make sure they have plenty of low shelves in their room, and a good storage chest – one with a removable lid or a spring-loaded top for safety. Then teach them how to put everything away when they’re finished playing. The toys will last longer, and they’ll be developing neat habits for later in life.
Baby Safety Tips
From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 04-May-2010

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