Thursday, May 27, 2010

Priceless memories

By Dr James Dobson

I’ve always thought that kids were funny. I’m reminded, of Ann Ortland’s 11-year-old son, Nels, whom she described in her book, Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman. She had taken this rambunctious boy to their paediatrician for a routine physical examination. Before seeing the doctor, however, the nurse attempted to obtain a medical history.

The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids“Tell me, Mrs Ortlund,” said the nurse, “how’s he sleeping?”

Nels answered on his own behalf, and he said: “I sleep very well.”

The nurse wrote that down.

“Mrs Ortlund, how are his bowels?” said the nurse.

The boy responded:, “Oh, they’re good — A, E, I, O, U.”

I encourage you to take the time to record the memorable moments you experience with your children. If you don’t have time to take elaborate notes or don’t have access to a video camera, keep a diary, record an audio clip, and by all means maintain a photo album.

Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your CoolHaving lived to see my children grow up and leave the nest, I can tell you that the effort you invest in preserving their early childhood experiences will pay big dividends as the years unfold and time blurs the memories.

From TODAY, Voices - Monday, 24-May-2010

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