Friday, May 21, 2010

A joint pregnancy

By Dr Bill Maier

When a couple conceives, it may be the woman who carries the baby, but pregnancy is a two-person job. A supportive husband makes all the difference in how well women do during pregnancy. She’s going through a lot of physical and emotional changes, and she needs you more than ever. Just being there for her is often all it takes to turn a difficult pregnancy into a fulfilling one.

Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby CareMany women go through stages of morning sickness, and the nausea often comes in the middle of the night. Instead of sleeping through it, take the time to stay up with her. Even if all you can do is hold her hand or bring her water.

She may go through times of sadness and insecurity, remind her how much you love her, and how excited you are at the prospect of being a new dad.

Above all, be patient and understanding — even if you don’t understand. That’s often all she needs to feel better.

From TODAY, Voices - Friday, 21-May-2010

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