Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blue fingers

By Dr James Dobson

I was walking toward my car outside a shopping centre a few weeks ago when I heard a loud and impassioned howl.

Children in Family Contexts, Second Edition: Perspectives on TreatmentI spotted a man about 15 metres away who was in great distress. His fingers were caught in the car door, which had obviously been slammed unexpectedly. Crouching in the front seat was an impish little three-year-old boy who had apparently decided to close the door on dad. The father was pointing frantically at his fingers with his free hand and saying: “Oh, oh, open the door, Chuckie!” Chuckie finally got the message and unlocked the door, releasing dad’s blue fingers. The father then hopped and jumped around the parking lot muttering things that a child should never be allowed to hear.

Now, I know this incident was painful for the man, but I must admit, it struck my funny bone. I suppose his plight symbolises the enormous cost of parenthood.

Engaging Children in Family Therapy: Creative Approaches to Integrating Theory and ResearchIf you find yourself stressed out by your kids today, who don’t seem to appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made on their behalf, I hope you’ll remember the brevity of the developmental years. If you hang tough now, you’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy the sweet benefits of a job well done.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 25-May-2010
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