Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Dating Debate

By Dr Bill Maier

At what age do you plan to let your teenagers start dating? Better decide now, before your children get older.

In the past, most parents said 16 was a proper age, but today, a lot of families are questioning whether that is a good idea.

Raising Prayers, Not Hell: Life Through the Eyes of a Christian TeenagerYou have to wonder what good can come of two hormonally-charged teenagers pairing off and spending hours together with no supervision. It is a formula for trouble.

Many parents now encourage their teens to group date. It is a great way for young adults to develop healthy relationships without the unhealthy temptation.

Other parents allow their children to date, but not until the age of 18, and even then in moderation.

However you feel about your kids’ dating habits, it’s important to discuss it with them at an early age. Make sure they understand your rules – and your reasoning behind those rules.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 18-May-2010

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