Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teamwork in disciplining kids by via Flickr

By Dr Bill Maier

One of the hardest parts about setting limits with your kids is figuring out what those limits should be.

And it's important that you and your spouse agree. The worst thing you can do is to show a divided front when it comes to discipline.

Be sure you've worked out a clear plan of action with your spouse before laying down the rules to your children.

Sometimes it helps to write it out, so that there's no confusion later.

Never argue about your rules in front of the kids.

It undermines the very thing you're trying to achieve — letting them know that your rules have no wiggle room.

Most importantly, don't let yourself be ambushed by kids who try to play one parent against the other.

Once the rules have been set, make sure they're enforced by both you and your spouse.

From TODAY, Voices – Monday, 24-Aug-2009

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