Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What we dream of, and what our kids want to be

By Dr Bill Maier

Which dad doesn’t dream of his boy becoming an NBA star or a World Cup champion? Trouble is, not all kids are wired for it.

A friend recently attended a kids’ football game where he watched a bunch of five-year-olds run aimlessly around the field, usually with no rhyme or reason.

The coaches did their best to bring order to the chaos. One kid spent most of his time picking flowers, trying not to get hit. His father wasn’t too happy. He kept screaming at the boy: “Pay attention! Get your head in the game!”

But the boy never seemed to notice. Finally the father just shook his head and gave up.

Physical exercise is important, but not all kids are meant to be athletes.

Some kids would rather read, write or draw – and as parents we need to recognise their gifts and talents, and help steer them toward those things that interest them. Even if it’s not what we always dreamed for our children.

From TODAY, Voices
Wednesday, 08-April-2009
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