Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reconnect with family night

By Dr Bill Maier

Having trouble remembering what your teenager looks like? Maybe it’s time to rein in their busy schedules and preserve a little family time.

With all the activities available to kids these days, it’s easy for families to lose touch.

Kids are so busy with sports, art lessons, ballet, and dozens of other extracurricular activities so that many families can’t remember the last time they even sat down for a meal together.

But family time is important to a child’s development, and as parents, it’s our job to see that they get scheduled.

Why not pick one night of the week as a regular family night?

Maybe you could go out to dinner — somewhere away from phones and other distractions — and use the time to relax and reconnect.

Try going on a hike or a picnic together. Or maybe you could just set up chairs in the backyard and stargaze.

Whatever it takes to keep the family unit together and well connected.

But if you don’t put it on the schedule, it may never happen. Put a family night on your schedule today.

From TODAY, Voices
Thursday, 09-April-2009
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