Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Internet addiction test

By Dr Bill Maier

Are you an “Internet junkie”? Here’s a quick test to see if your online habit is turning into a full-fledged addiction.

Be honest with your answers now!

Do you find yourself losing track of time while surfing the Net?

Do you try to hide your online habit from others, like shutting the computer down when your kids or spouse walk into the room?

Are you preoccupied with the computer while doing other things, like eating dinner or talking to your kids?

Do you find excuses to check email?

Finally, would you rather be on the computer than interacting with your family?

If you’ve answered yes to a good portion of these, you might have a problem.

And for the sake of those you love, as well as for your own mental health, I encourage you to do something about it.

The Internet is a great tool, but it can also become a very real addiction if you’re not careful.

From TODAY, Voices
Tuesday, 07-April-2009
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