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Thursday January 8, 2009


By Dr James Dobson


Problems over the use of money are among the most common sources of conflict in marriage. Yet, newlyweds begin to head down that destructive road when they use credit cards indiscriminately and take out loans to buy things they can’t afford and don’t need.


Newlyweds often find themselves arguing about money and credit cards because their spouses have different value systems.


My father was a hunter who thought nothing of using three boxes of shotgun shells in an afternoon of recreational shooting. Yet, if my mother spent an equal amount of money on a potato peeler that wouldn’t work, he considered it wasteful. Never mind that she enjoyed shopping as much as he did hunting. His values were simply different from hers.


Whether a couple agrees with one another or not, buying on credit is a potential disaster. That’s why financial counsellor and author Larry Burkett says, “Newlyweds should label their credit cards ‘Danger! Handle with Care’.”


He says, “Staying out of debt is one of the best ways to preserve a marriage and keep a relationship healthy.”


If money is a source of trouble; stop spending and start communicating.


A lot of conflict can be avoided when spouses express their views on money usage and come to a consensus on how those dollars should be spent. And when the budget is exhausted, keep the wallet in the pocket. 


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