Thursday, January 08, 2009

BEWARE! Internet money-making truth

I was looking up some ways on how to make money online. I already know about Google ads, adsense, etc., so I was thinking if there are other ways. There are, but beware that you don't get scammed. Search up very well any company or group or articles that will say otherwise; (this remindes me, hear what the 'devil's advocate' has to say). In these days of easy internet scams, the 'lie and deception' we hear or read is like an 'absolute truth' that is so temptingly easy to believe (like a fish swallowing the hook, line and sinker), but exercise more caution - search on with the company/group name + keywords like 'scam', 'legal', 'hoax', etc.



I was almost convinced by these sites, which is actually one and the same:



Until I searched on and found this:



Others still claim legality and veracity, but still the same MLM and referral concepts, etc, is at work:



The point is that they sell, you buy - they make money. So how do YOU make money yourself???



I'm sticking with Google ads. Perhaps a few more tweaks and enhancements, and without spending a single cent, I may see some numbers. At least I'm not in a hurry, and I can wait for the dollars to come by at the opportune time.



By the way, does anybody know anything about Pawel Reszka and his products, Google Manipulator, Easy PPC Cash, etc?

I sure would love to hear good and bad, so it is balanced news!


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