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Wednesday January 7, 2009


By Dr James Dobson


Someone once said that life is like giving a violin concert in public, and learning to play it as you go. Actually, that sounds a lot like raising children.


It seems that being a good parent is becoming more and more difficult these days. Of course, it’s never been all that easy. For one thing, babies come into the world with no instructions, and you pretty much have to assemble them on your own. They are also maddeningly complex, and there are no guaranteed formulas that work in every instance. The techniques that succeed with one child can fail miserably with another.


I bring this up because if you’re struggling along today, trying to raise your children but meeting with frustration and hardships I say: Welcome to the club.


The world of parenting is come as you are; learn as you go; and keep your chin up. To those mothers and fathers who try their best to tenderly guide their children through the rough waters of childhood and love them the best they can, I say: Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.


Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent or perfect kids. But your love, care and commitment will make you the best parent your children will ever have. 


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