Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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Wednesday December 3, 2008


By Dr Bill Maier


How far is too far in a dating relationship? It’s something you should talk about with your children long before they start dating.


Conversations about dating may seem awkward, but they need to happen.


And it’s important to be clear about your expectations.


For example, it’s not enough to simply warn your daughter not to get “too physical” with a boy.


She may have an entirely different view of what you mean by “too physical”. The key is to be specific, and leave no room for misunderstanding.


Also, make sure they understand the family standards for dating.


Set clear rules regarding curfews and conduct. And be clear about where they are and aren’t allowed to go – and with whom.


Above all, make sure they understand that healthy boundaries in dating exist for their own protection. 


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