Friday, November 21, 2008

S'porean women's progress hampered by parents who are overprotective

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THE commentary, “When women can dream big dreams” (my paper, Nov 18), provides food for thought.


Although Singapore women have made some progress in the corporate world and political arena, they are still unable to keep pace with the changes in society.


While their Western counterparts call for equality and say that women can be better than men in anything they do, local women still find their lives revolving around their family, and do not attach great importance to women’s rights.


Singaporean mothers open their eyes wide in disbelief when their daughters express their wish to embark on careers in the uniformed services, such as the police force or military.


They react vehemently, saying that such jobs are meant for men.


Some girls forgo furthering their careers and studies overseas as they do not want to cause unnecessary anxiety to their parents, who feel that their daughters are suitably comfortable living and working in Singapore.


Despite being better-educated and more knowledgeable than their forebears, the present generation of parents, especially mothers, is overly protective of their young – daughters in particular.


This is a sorry state of affairs, as it limits the scope of experience for young girls and women, and prevents them from travelling abroad to live and work.


Women will find it difficult to dream big dreams if the environment they are presently in remains a stifling one.


Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng


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