Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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Tuesday November 18, 2008


By Dr Bill Maier


Couples tend to spend too much time worrying about the future and not enough time looking back on special memories.


Instead of focusing on what you wish you had, why not celebrate what you already have?


My friends, Les and Leslie Parrot — both doctors — suggest that couples set aside a regular time to sit down and recall the great things that have happened in their marriage.


Talk about the first place you lived as a couple and how much fun it was decorating it together. Keep family photo albums around the house and look through them together.


Why not set a date night, and instead of going out, make popcorn and watch old home movies? Even your kids will get into the swing of things.


Then spend some time telling stories about how you met, and how you came to be married. Recall all the great family vacations you’ve had, and the friends you’ve made through the years.


Nothing will strengthen the future of a marriage quicker than reflecting on the past.

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