Friday, September 19, 2008


From TODAY, Voices
Thursday September 18, 2008

By Dr James Dobson

Did you hear about the 91-year-old man who went to the doctor because his hip was aching? The doctor examined him and said, “Well, what do you expect? You’re 94!”

The man replied: “Well, how come my other hip doesn’t know that?”

It is possible to grow old without parts of our body – especially our brain – knowing it?

A story in Family Circle magazine stated five ways we can keep our brains healthy while we age and hopefully avoid senility.

The first rule: Use it or lose it. The human brain isn’t like a device you can plug in, leave for a year and come back and find it working just as well. It must have constant input.

Second, we need long-term attention to a balanced diet with ample supplies of all the essential nutrients. Third is exercise. Fourth is regular health care and check-ups. And the fifth way to keep our brains healthy is by having access to a social support system.

Being sick, isolated and alone is a prescription for rapid mental decline. Unfortunately, many older citizens are unable to implement these five suggestions due to various reasons. Some are alone and have no one to talk to. Others lack the resources for good medical care and good nutrition.

This is why the younger generation owe today’s seniors their time and attention. They cared for us when we were frail and helpless. Now it’s our turn to return the favour.
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