Friday, September 19, 2008


From TODAY, Voices
Friday September 19, 2008

By Dr James Dobson

It’s interesting that the evening drive time in a big city is called the rush hour – because nothing moves. The real rush hour occurs when people arrive at home.

Early evening is a time when tempers can be short and anything can happen. Parents often arrive home irritable and tired, and children demand immediate attention. Everyone is hungry. The situation is rife with possibilities for conflict. But there are some things you can do to help defuse this rush hour time bomb.

First of all, try to use your commute time to unwind after work. You might also want to telephone your children in the afternoon before you leave work. This can help you get a head start on finding out about any problems that might be brewing at home.

When you get home, spend some time with your children before changing your clothes or starting dinner.

Plan some family activities such as heading outside and taking the dog for a walk. Or make getting dinner ready a family affair. Even young children can wash vegetables and set the table.

Most importantly, turn off the television set during dinner and use that time to catch up on the events of the day. When you use the evening homecoming time as a bridge between work and home, you can help take the rush out of the rush hour at home.
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