Thursday, September 11, 2008


From TODAY, Voices

By Dr Bill Maier

Have your children learnt to take responsibility for their actions? Better yet, have you learnt it?

It’s amazing how often we blame others for the things that happen to us. And it’s not just a problem with children – I know a lot of adults who can’t seem to accept guilt when things go wrong. But part of growing is learning these five key principles of responsibility. We’ll call them the five As of accepting blame.

First, admit when you do something wrong. Everyone makes bad choices and the first step in overcoming them is being honest about it.

Second, apologise for how your transgression affected others. Make it right if you can.

Third, accept the consequences of your actions. And don’t expect others to pay for your mistake.

Fourth, ask for forgiveness. Just because you’ve apologised, don’t assume that others have forgotten how you hurt them.

And finally, alter your choices in the future. Decide now how you plan to do things differently the next time.
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