Monday, July 07, 2008



TODAY Monday July 7 2008


By Dr James Dobson


Many women these days express a sense of anxiety about dealing with their own sons.


A friend of mine, Ms Jean Lush, has written a wonderful book on the subject called, Mothers and Sons.


She says that mothers should realise that it’s normal for little boys to be difficult – even extremely difficult.


Emerging masculinity can be a boisterous and destructive force.


Mothers should learn to anticipate their sons’ energy level, and look for ways to channel that force into exercise and constructive activity.


Also, when we look at little boys, let’s keep in mind that they aren’t grown up yet.


History shows that many great men began as baffling, headstrong boys who gave their parents headaches.


The challenge for mothers is to see sons not just in terms of their present behaviour, but in terms of their long-term potential.


If a mother can find that kind of vision, she can see herself working for the future when her perseverance will pay off in the maturity and achievements of her grown son.

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