Thursday, July 10, 2008


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VOICES 26 Wednesday July 9 2008 TODAY


By Dr James Dobson


Most of us have become acquainted with the term “friendly fire”, where soldiers are inadvertently killed or wounded by their own troops. This phenomenon doesn’t just occur on the battlefield; it happens at home.


In the frazzled and harried society in which we live, home should be a refuge; a safe harbour where we can escape attacks and insults from the outside world.


But too often, home is a combat zone for embattled siblings. Those who are supposed to be allies and partners can be hostile at times, creating friction, animosity and defensiveness.


I remember a time years ago when my kids were young, and they were fighting and harassing each other like enemy soldiers. In exasperation, I stood them in front of a window and I said: “Look out at that world. It can be a dangerous place. There are people out there who will make fun of you, or hurt you, or take your money.


“There must be a safe place where we care for one another and help each other. And that safe place is right here at home.”


After that we worked even harder at making our household a place of encouragement, unity and forgiveness. Is your home a safe shelter where family members find protection and stability?


Or is it a combat zone? If so, declare a ceasefire on verbal wars and see what a difference it makes in the security of every little soldier living within those walls.

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