Friday, April 11, 2008

Expressing Love Daily

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 11-Apr-2008 edition



By Dr Bill Maier


How can you make your kids feel special? Author Lisa Brock

has developed a list of simple things that will help express

our love to our kids every day.


For example, set aside blocks of time to play with your kids

and put it on the calendar. Nothing thrills a child more

than having their parent’s undivided attention. Another idea

is to occasionally tuck little notes or gifts under your child’s pillow

or into their backpack before school. Even the smallest gift or note

can bring a smile to a child’s face.


Kids love having regular traditions or rituals throughout the week,

like going out for breakfast on Saturday morning, or spending time

together every Friday night. Anything that gives them something

to look forward to with mum and dad.


The point is, kids love it when their parents make them feel special.

And there are lots of simple ways to do it.

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