Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Generosity Increases Longevity

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 09-Apr-2008 edition



By Dr Bill Maier


Looking for the secret to a long and happy life? Here’s one

formula you may not have considered.


Begin by mowing your neighbour’s yard and then

make out a cheque to a good cause. After that, try taking

some meals to a homeless shelter. Not exactly what you

expected to hear, is it?


A new study shows that one road to a longer and healthier life

is through serving others.


Researchers followed more than 400 people for five years to see

how generosity affected longevity and what they discovered

was amazing. People who lived a lifestyle of kindness actually

increased their lifespan and were also much happier.


It’s been known for years that people who throw themselves

into the lives of others tend to be healthier and more well-adjusted.

But this is the first time a study has actually linked a long life

with a heart for service.

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