Monday, April 14, 2008

Emergency Room Lessons

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 14-Apr-2008 edition


Emergency Room Lessons

By Dr James Dobson


Most of us parents know the trauma of rushing our young ones

off to the local hospital emergency room.


We usually encounter crowded waiting rooms and

frustrating forms to fill out, and all the while we’re

wondering, “What’s wrong with my child?” and

“How bad is he or she hurt?”


While you and I are sleeping peacefully at 2am,

the emergency room can be bustling with activity,

with people who have merely cut themselves while

washing glasses, to victims of serious car accidents

and crime.


My friend and emergency room physician, Dr Elsburg Clark,

has been alarmed over the past few years by the growing

number of patients, especially children, who are hurt

from household drugs, poisonous chemicals, and accidental



Many times he has had the unenviable task of telling

families that their little ones are not going home.


He strongly suggests basic things that parents can do

to help avoid future emergency visits.


Never assume that it won’t happen to your child. It’s not

new advice, but we need to hear it again.


Lock away all medicines and chemicals and flammable

substances. Let’s make our homes safe havens in which

our children can grow.

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