Thursday, March 13, 2008

Unconditional Surrender

“In His will is our peace.”

Dante Alighieri


Unconditional Surrender


Romans 12:1


When many people hear the word surrender, images of

conflict and overpowering forces come to mind. In contrast,

the act of surrendering one’s life to God is a beautiful and

peaceful experience.


Why then are we so afraid to hand over the reigns of our lives

to God’s omnipotent leadership? The answer lies in our

self-oriented nature. We live in a world that encourages us

to take pride in what we have accomplished and accumulated.

The concept of surrendering these things to God is unthinkable

for most people.


As a believer, however, God has called you to a higher standard

of living. He wants to help you reach the goals that He has set

for your life. Yet, in order to fulfill His plan, we must choose

to lay our selfish desires before Him.


Until you make this important step toward God, you will

find yourself in a state of unrest and uncertainty. However,

once you surrender your life to God, He will unleash the

storehouse of blessings waiting for you.


In Romans 12, God specifically asks us to present ourselves

as living sacrifices to Him and to renew our minds so that

we may understand and know His will, which is good and

acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:1-2)


God wants to guide, direct, and bless you. Do not let disobedience

stand in the way of His plan for your life.

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