Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pursue Love

Pursue love



God is love, and He wants Christians to be recognized

primarily by their love. You can work hard to serve

God in many ways, but none of your efforts will matter

if they’re not driven by love.


Here are some ways you can strive to be loving:


Seek to fall in love with Christ by devoting yourself

   wholeheartedly to Him. Ask the Holy Spirit to transform

   every aspect of your life to draw you closer to Christ.


Pray that the Holy Spirit will enable you to love all

   the people you encounter - not just the ones you

   naturally like. Try to see everyone as one of God’s

   children, made in His image.


Think of specific ways you can serve people you know,

   such as by helping someone with errands or writing

   someone an encouraging note. Schedule a time soon

   to act on each of your ideas.


Consider the mercy and grace God has extended to

   you when you’ve made mistakes, confessed them and

   asked for His forgiveness. Know that, if you’re

   not willing to forgive others for how they’ve hurt

   you, you’re blocking God’s power in your life.

   Ask the Holy Spirit to help you begin and work

   through the forgiveness process so you can love

   as God intends. God will bless your decision to

   forgive, and will enable you to do so. He will

   also heal your wounds, even if they’re deep.


Notice the powerful affect your words can have

   on people, and strive to use your words to bless

   people rather than to hurt them. Try to set a

   positive tone in all your interactions with

   people by  speaking kindly. When speaking,

   make it your goal to build closer relationships.

   Take the time to think before speaking any words

   that could harm your relationships.


Seek out the best for others in every situation,

   working to achieve results that will benefit all

   concerned instead of just yourself.


Trust God to work in your life, and maintain hope,

   knowing that He has your best interests at heart.

   Don’t be afraid to freely receive the gifts with

   which He might choose to bless you.


Regularly thank God for His work in your life. Let

   your gratitude be a loving response to His love for you.


Stop trying to prove yourself to other people.

   Instead, live only to please God, since His opinion

   is the only one that ultimately matters. Rest in

   His unconditional love for you and let your service

   to Him be motivated by your love for Him.


Allow the Holy Spirit to break your heart when you

   encounter human need, to instill a greater sense of

   compassion within you. Continually ask God how He

   would like you to respond to needs you encounter.

   But be sure that God is calling you to invest in

   an effort before you undertake it. There are many

   good pursuits, but only some of them are the best

   for you. Remember that Jesus accomplished just what

   God wanted Him to on earth - no more, and no less.



By: Whitney Hopler, Live It channel editor

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