Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting Used... after so long...

As the time draws near for our transfer to the new house, the emotions are mixed:

There is, first and foremost, the exhaustion from all the thinking and fixing, packing

and boxing of things that we will be bringing over. And it is really a surprise to know

that we’ve been keeping things, particularly old documents, that we no longer need,

but wouldn’t take out from the cabinets or boxes, open up, and review, then decide to

throw away – if not for the move. And one thing to note as well, the old house is already

so dusty and dirty in many parts that we don’t normally and usually trod into – again,

if not for the move.


We are doing the throwing away so that we don’t bring those unwanted items to the new house.

And, we are doing the clean up, as the inspector will be coming over to check here and there

the old house, before they take back the keys to the current flat we are renting. Once cleared,

we are ‘free’ from any access or responsibility to the old flat.


Well, it is about 2 weeks now that we are getting used to staying up late at night doing these

chores. And we let the kids stay up late also, simply so that they know what we are doing,

and that they can’t sleep anything with all the noise and movements moving here and there,

sealing boxes now and then. We let them watch some movies, enjoying also their vacation.


Well, in some spare time at the office, or while waiting for some jobs to finish, I fill up some

coupons for the lucky draw in a store which we got when we bought some new furnitures

for the new house, some basic items only, and I am, at times, getting confused on which

address to write, but after filling up some 10 coupons, I’m getting used to writing the new

mailing destination. And oh, everytime I think of the blessings we got from this new house,

I can’t imagine, or not think enough, or thank the Lord enough, and have some doubts,

or questionings if this ‘early occupancy deal’ we struck with the current owners is really true…

Aside from saving a lot of rental fees, and renewal fees, we’d have some time for the kids to

make adjustment living in the new place, before 2008 school year begins. Praise God!


A couple of times I have tried the 856 bus from Yishun to the new place, and it takes about

5 to 10 minutes speedy bus ride travel. From the new place to Woodlands interchange, boy,

that is a different story! It is about 45 minutes! But hey! From the new place to Yishun

interchange, that will be a quick ride, and I’m presuming that all the factory workers and

construction workers have slighted off long way before the bus reaches our place. If that

is true, then it will be a vacant and spacious bus when it stops by our place. That is another

plus point!


To end, I would like to quote this passage from the book of Proverbs, reminding myself as well,

“The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.” – Prov 10:22


Oh, that my blessing and blessings the Lord give, that I may be a blessing to others as well.

And may God spare me all the troubles! Amen!

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