Monday, November 26, 2007

Foreign Language offering in Primary Level

I was hunting for a French school that provides parttime tuition/classes for primary school students.

My wife and I have decided to change the language that our daughters are taking, and that French,

we thought, would be a better option, if not the best.


It is a disappointment that MOE does not support foreign language studies in primary school level.


Of course, going through the list that came from the primary school admin, it wasn’t just of much help

going through the list in the internet. Most of the so-called “language schools” or “language centers”

that I’ve called to check only offer either English or Chinese. Makes me wonder what the name stand for.

Anyway, I got one, but oh the price that they are asking for a 32-hour class: S$1,600 for a one-on-one tuition.

We remembered that some of our friends also had their kids take up French instead of Chinese. So we got

The name of the school, and I was able to call in, ask a few questions from the lady who is not so accommodating,

And was relieved to know that their classes of 12-hour/term was only charged at about $200 bucks.

To be exact, it only costs $152/term, each term runs for 8 weeks, and each week, only 1.5hours class duration.


But, my frustration, again, is that a mother told me that they don’t really care about the child learning the language.

Even if the child fails in the French language study, so long as the foreign language grade does not interfere with

the major subjects grade, it is OK. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is like taking up something, not learning it,

so long as it don’t affect other things that the school standing is based on. Never mind the money, time and effort

that is put in to learn the foreign language.


What more can I say? I may be talking ahead of time…

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