Monday, December 10, 2007

Folly in the Church

I am not King Solomon; I don’t even come close to a 1% of his stature or wisdom, but let me state my case anyway.


In my observation, I see that there is a folly going on in the church, and lest I be found to be simply judgmental,

let me convey my message in its raw form, and you be the judge – as to whether I am right to call it folly, or not.


There is one who almost always without fail able to stand up at any part of the worship service, except on one part,

which is of much importance to the church growth and expansion – giving of tithe and offering. Isn’t that a folly?


We see many young children growing up so fast, that they are already getting mature and nubile,

and all the other kids are following right behind in their maturity, both physical and spiritual.


But, on the other side of the balance, there are those going right into middle age, getting near or past 40,

and they still think that they are the same youthful creatures, so much engrossed on cressing the way they do

15 years ago, being mindful of their physique, and trying every means to keeping the same figure, and keeping

to their company who think the same things, and never mind the rest. Well, would you call that something else than folly?


And there are those who confuse title with position. This is very confusing, really. If I work with the word “manager”

in my title, then I’m in the crowd, and it doesn’t matter what actually is my position in my job. I can be the “floor manager”,

or I can be the managing director, so what? So long as there is the word “manager” or “managing” or “manage” in my title,

I’m lookep up to. And that, I think, is a very clear folly.


And there are those who would want their husbands to be in the same stature as another’s husband. Why can’t we get through

these vanities? Never mind if our man is suffering the burden of the job requirement, so long as I can say that… oh, what a folly!


And some call a fellowship a fellowship, only if, you go with them It seem to be short of saying, “I am the fellowship…”

Isn’t this folly in its basest nature?


Why do we still have these follies in the church? May God forgive me for being the loudmouth, but only through this blog.

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