Monday, December 17, 2007

We've got the keys!

What can I say?!


We’ve got the keys to the new house yesterday, and since then, we’ve been busy cleaning up the place.

I’m so tired, and it is just nice that I’m already on leave from work starting tomorrow. That means,

I can get so worked up and so tired, and not worry about going to work the next day!


There’s a lot to be done on the new house, but no such things as repairs needed. Only retouch on the

wood parquet, so that the sheen and shine is restored back, and on some of the other items in the dresser

made of wood, or fitted with wood.


And boy, oh boy, the new house is such a very far cry from the current house we are living in now!

And to think we were actually considering buying the current house! And, somebody even suggested just that!


The kids are enjoying the new house, and the previous owners left a load of dolls of various sizes and makes.

These the kids pass the time with as me and my wife go about busily cleaning the house.


It really is thanks to our God who is good to no bounds.

Praises to Him alone!

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