Monday, December 10, 2007

Hunt for Movers

Today, I was asking friends of contact #s for the movers that they engaged when they moved house.


I got a few names and numbers, and when I started canvassing, I found that the price of the service

of the different companies are almost the same; that would include the haulers (2 men up).


There’s one who charges $150 for the truck, and for each hauler, $50; at least 2 would be needed.

Another charges for $250/trip. Then there’s the other mover who charges $300/trip, with succeeding trips

on a pro-rated charge, full will be $300, halfload truck = $150, and so on. This group charges an additional

$25 for the up/down movement if you are not on the lift level. Not sure if that is per storey. At most,

you’d be paying $75 more.


At the end of the list, there is a hare-lipped lady who would seem to be the best deal, but the price, I still don’t know.

She’d be dropping by at our place today lunchtime to see the items to be carried, then give the quotation.


All agreeable, both on the items to be carried and the price to be paid, then we are done!


A week more, and we are at the new place already.


The Name of the Lord be praised!


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