Saturday, November 03, 2007

2nd Appeal Rejected!

With the mailman making the round yesterday afternoon, the B&W proof

that the 2nd appeal was rejected is already fully confirmed, at last.


As such, the deposit and valuation report fee were all refunded by the house owner,

and she was very disappointed that this has to happen. She was very sad also that

we were involved in this situation, which we can’t be helping either.


Primary reason is the race ratio: very simple question that the dept head in HDB Resales

asked me. Since the issue is with the buyer’s race, and nothing on the seller, it should be

the buyer who should be making the appeal, not the owner. But, if you appeal, what will

your appeal be? “Can you change your race?” was the man’s blunt and direct question.

And that restriction holds for the whole month of November. So the next appeal can only be

submitted, or rather, the next consideration can only be carried out by next month. And,

that would mean waiting for another month – that is, if you are willing to wait, and take the risk

of being rejected again, as there is no promise that the race ratio will change.


Secondary reason is that prior to submitting the resale application, there should have been

an enquiry by anyone of the ff: owner, buyer, agents from either owner or buyer. And it was

indicated in the letter from HDB that no such enquiry was made. The owner suspected rightly.

And I don’t want to complicate the issue, so I just smiled.


And with that, we are “free” to close deal with another seller. Already done on the night of 31-Oct,

the night before the rejection letter from HDB on the second appeal came. Well, what can I say?

With only the letter to prove in B&W that the current resale can’t really push through, we took

the risk of putting in a deposit of $300 to the new house we have selected. And it won’t be wasted.


God is good!


When a door closes, a window opens!


Again, this is not “suwerte”, or not of anything else. It simply is the hand of God in our lives.

As David has said in his Psalms, so will I: “…the lot that has fallen to me is good…”

Our thanks and praises to our good, good God!


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