Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Appeal Rejected!

The appeal to reconsider the resale despite the issue of ethnic ratio imbalance was rejected!

We are simply waiting for the letter to have it confirmed in B&W. but just the same, this

in itself, is not completely a fiasco. This, in turn, has given us a chance to go through the process

a second time. And as we’ve been doing some flat-viewing while the appeal was being reviewed,

we’ve already pre-selected some flats for consideration.


True enough, a lot of flats that would be better, if not simply at par, with the resale flat in question,

we saw. And at times, we were really hoping that the appeal would be rejected!


Well, our prayers answered, our patience stretched…


Tonight, we are continuing the flat-viewing, and doing a second round for one particular flat

owned by a young couple, and this is to say that it is their flat that we are considering.

Well, not yet ‘all’s well…’ at this point. The valuation report isn’t out yet, but we are going to

discuss with them anyway on the terms and conditions. They don’t seem to be asking for a big

amount on top of the valuation price, but they seem to stick to some figures – and this gives us creeps.

That is to say that if the valuation is low, then the top-up cash would be high. And if the valuation

is near, or close, to the mentioned price, then the top-up cash amount would be small. Finally,

if the valuation is higher than what they have mentioned as the selling price, then they would be

on the losing side. Now, that is not what we wanted. We wanted a win-win situation, and that

is what we aim to accomplish tonight.


Let’s say it could be a long day, and a long night, but the effort may be well worth it.


Our thanks to our God, who is behind all these events.

Glory to Him alone!

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