Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In even more anticipation

Monday has come… and gone.


I found that we hit some technical issues, and our resale application has been cancelled.

The ratio for our race is already filled up. So that is another new problem we are facing.

Since the owner wanted to sell the flat, and as advised also by the officer from the Board,

an appeal letter she has sent in, stating her reasons and justifications why the resale

must go on, despite their ruling (per se).


Our agent has suspected that, even as of yesterday’s status, with all the letters and

documents that has been submitted to substantiate and bolster the said appeal’s strength,

there still is no outcome. As such, our agent has suspected that the Board is actually waiting

for the coming month, i.e., Nov, so they can update the data for the distribution of races

in the block/neighborhood, and at the same time, may actually “grant” the appeal.


Well, that is for the optimistic side of the coin.


As for the “play-safe” side, we are doing a 2-round viewing, as we are also expecting a

second rejection: first, the resale application, second, on the appeal. As for this round,

we cannot make any commitments, as we are tied up to the pending case, outcome of which

will be out any day within the week.




So far, nothing has come close the flat withheld on resale transaction…


Perhaps patience will actually be its own reward… 2 more days… and we will know.


May God be gracious to us!

May He be glorified in this!


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