Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In the Old Place

I have been drafting a short blog, some sort of ‘memoirs’, and it is not a healthy one.

It contains a lot of those moments that were recorded, first and foremost, in my brain.

I wanted to put it in writing. But then again, the soft nudging of the Spirit convinced me

not to do it. I started to write it a couple of days back, then I saved it in draft. The “short”

blog I was thinking of isn’t actually a short one; the bad experiences I’ve had, we’ve had,

were all too numerous to count, and I was thinking that I would only mark down those

“monumental” events, or call it whatever it is, but it seems that events like this are too many.

Today, I went through the draft, and reading them, remembering the moments, I myself

didn’t feel good about it.


So, like what the Spirit says, so I will: I’m dropping my ‘memoirs’ blog. And I’m writing this one

instead. A short recap, that despite all those unhappy memories, the shameful events, the

tearful moments, the angry times, mementoes of fiascos, souvenirs of betrayals – let them be.

I pray that God will use all those sad memories to inspire us to hope for a better future, one that

only God can assure us of – no matter what others may do to take our focus off that goal.


May God be praised. Glory to Him alone!


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