Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Google SketchUp

We’ve been thinking of how to do the renovation of the resale flat that we purchased,

and it is so difficult just talking this and that, putting things here and there, touching up

this side, putting plants that side – all in plain talk. As if imagination can be limited…


But it is the difficulty of coming up to an agreement if what you have in mind can’t be

clearly and precisely described; just that you know what you are thinking of, but not yor spouse.


Then I found Google SketchUp!


It is a 3D modelling tool, and what is basically used to feed their GoogleEarth renditions.

Satisfies just the 3 critieria:

1.       It is free (the #1 criterion)

2.      It is easy to learn

3.      It is easy to use


And with that, I’m able to quickly draft a rough rendition of what I have in mind,

with my wife agreeing and disagreeing, and telling me what would be here and there.

A few touch up on the model, and we’re almost set. Well, almost.


The renovation may not be coming up so soon, but at least, our minds have intersected

and we have agreed on what will happen. And when. Priorities first.


Oh, I just can’t wait to move in to the new flat…!

Please God!


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