Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm Still Amazed...

Until now, I can’t keep wondering how we were able to purchase a flat.

Of course, we did all what we can to do sum and total, plus and minus;

We sort of estimated our financial standings when the loan servicing starts,

on year 1, then year 2, and so on. We also checked the expenses for the kids,

as they progress in their education. Then there is our CPF contribution.

Of course, the very first loss is to continue renting a flat, especially now

that the monthly rental increased by about 30%.

All in all, if we do a rough estimation of how much we have lost to renting,

that would be ($800/month X 12 months/year X 7 years), roughly $67,200.

If we’ve invested that amount to buying a flat before, we’ve already serviced

4-5 years of our 30-year tenure loan. Think of that!

Anyway, no use crying over spilled milk, I still can get over the thought of us

being able to buy a house now. No gold in our bank accounts. No stocks giving us

surpluses. No investments ensuring our daily expenses.

But there is one that was sure: the goodness of the Lord!

Honestly, I prayed for 2 things: (1) that God will give us a big house, and that

(2) God will help us with the financial commitment repaying the bank loan.

And if we are amazed with the fulfilment of the first request, how much more

when the second request is answered! That would be daily dependence on the Lord

from our part, and He will do the rest!

We dreamed big, and God has bountifully showered His blessings upon us.

We did not limit His powers on us, now. We pray that we will continue to be

expectant of what God will do in our lives evermore.

And that is never due to our own goodness and righteousness.

It is due to His never-ending mercies alone: they are new every morning.

Great is Your faithfulness, O Lord!

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