Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Persistence - object lesson

Today, I called in to check if ever my items that I’ve been trying to get hold on

will be coming, if ever. After calling the distributor, and waiting for a couple of minutes,

I got the reply call from the lady who was very patient in handling the store’s seemingly

unreasonable incompetence. I’d call it that, what else should I call it.


She was starting to mutter like “These people!” when she learned that I didn’t get

any call from the store, which is what she and the store agreed to do, to inform me

on the status of my orders.


Anyway, the second call seem to close the gap. The PO was received by her, and she is

sending down to the store my 3 items, the latest by Friday. Back in the previous calls

the other day, I did mention that after Friday, the items will no longer be of use.

It simply is missing the important date, which is why I’m getting those items.

And besides, it is already about a month when I initiated the transaction.

I just told her that in the first two weeks that the store found some problem,

they should have called me to let me know right away. I told the lady that if

there is really nothing that can be done, then I won’t force the issue anymore.

I’d go down to the store next door, and take my items from there.


Finally, the patience and presistence (I didn’t give up on them…) must have seen some

fruition. The promoter for that brand down at the store will call me tomorrow or the

next day, to tell me when my items are ready for pick up. Still meets the deadline.


My object lesson to remain patient and presistent.


Reminds me of the story of the widow and the judge… Luke 18


Persistence is its own virtue…



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