Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ordinary Day, Ordinary Life

Ever wonder why sometimes days are simply non-vibrant, and simply dull?

And just some days, everyone place just seems to be a madhouse, no exception?


Well, it is the somethings in the ordinary plus the somethings in the not so ordinary

plus all the other things in all the different and varied colors and hues of life that make it

extraordinary. To live in either extremes, all excitement and hurriedness only results to

a tired and exhausted life; to live also with no challenge and movement causes no growth.


I’ve learned to welcome rest when the dull days come, and to face up to the task when the

challenges arise. And in-between, I try not to hurry out, or to pull strings for the next plot.

And only when it is necessary, then I’d create my own diversion – either a sudden burst of activity,

or hibernation. But only then, to be ready for the next extraordinary event in my life.


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