Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Logic - how it applies in military training

I just happen to remember this quirky way of how folks in the military do their training for secondary students. Or maybe just a particular person who happen to be doing the training, not really something of military origin.


In a classroom, the guy starts shooting down one student after the other with all sorts of questions.


Come to a point, he’d ask one fearful volunteer, “produce water!”


In fear, or plain necessity, or seemingly equal stupidity (stupid answer to a stupid question), the poor boy would either do

  1. spit up on the ground (spit believed to be once water that was earlier drank),
  2. go to a corner and piss on a can (also believed to be once water that was earlier drank)
  3. etc., etc.


Now comes the more stupid question: “Can you drink water?”


If you answer no, you won’t be drinking for the whole period of initiation.


If you answer yes… hmm?

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