Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What your baby sees

From Focus on the Family

Ever wonder how your baby sees the world? Well, here’s what doctors have discovered. Newborns under one month of age have vision that is about 40 times blurrier than yours. They can’t decipher fine lines or colours — which is why they respond to black-and-white patterns and deeply contrasting colours. They focus best on things 15 to 30cm away.

Between two and three months, they start to distinguish bright colours and see a bit better. But they don’t develop depth perception until the fourth or fifth month. That is when it becomes easier for them to reach for small objects. But their vision is still about eight times blurrier than normal.

Somewhere between eight and 12 months they start to see as well as an adult, with keen depth perception. Their short-range vision may still be a bit stronger than their long range, but that will usually change by their first birthday.

From TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 07-Sep-2010

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