Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tell her how you feel

From Focus on the Family

Husbands aren’t known for sharing their feelings too often, but there are some things our wives need to hear from time to time.

Saying “I love you,” is just one of them. Let her know that she is of great worth to you. Tell her that no one will ever take her place in your life … or your heart.

Make sure she understands how committed you are to the relationship — that no matter how bad things get, you will always be willing to work it out. All couples argue, but commitment to the marriage will always overcome any disagreement.

Say to her, “I will always be truthful with you,” and then hold yourself to that promise. Honesty is critical to a successful relationship.

Don’t assume that your wife knows how you feel about her. Take time to tell her every chance you get.

From TODAY, Voices - Monday, 06-Sep-2010

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