Thursday, May 07, 2009


By Dr Bill Maier

FocusOnTheFamily_LogoSmall Are you wondering if your 12-month-old is ever going to walk? Babies don’t always develop as quickly as we’d like and parents are natural worrywarts.

A good friend of ours recalls watching his 13-month-old boy crawling around the room, while a 10-month-old playmate walked circles around him. At the time, he wondered if something might be wrong with his toddler.

Of course, he was worried about nothing. Within a few months, he was running with the rest of his friends.

No two babies develop at exactly the same rate, and it has nothing to do with intelligence or maturity.

Physical skills are linked directly to brain growth, and brains develop at a pre-determined rate.

It’s all written into our genetic make-up. Babies walk and talk when their bodies tell them it’s time. Obviously, nutrition and fitness are important, but beyond that, there’s not much we can do to hurry them along.

From TODAY, Voices – Thursday, 07-May-2009

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