Thursday, April 02, 2009

Take time out for yourself

By Dr James Dobson

Imagine the agony a single parent goes through when required by court order to put his or her children on an airplane, all alone, for an extended visitation with the other parent.

A single mum described her feelings like this. She said: “I stand in the terminal and watch the children’s airplane disappear into the clouds. The loneliness immediately set in. I worry constantly about their safety, but I resist the urge to call every hour to see how they are doing. And when they do call me to tell me how much fun they are having, I grieve over the fact that they are living a life completely separate from my own. My only consolation is knowing that they will be coming home soon. But I am haunted by the fear that they won’t want to come home with me.”

For the single parent who identifies with this hurting mother, there may be a way to get through the painful days of waiting. Instead of seeing this time alone as a period of isolation, view it as an opportunity to recharge and reinvigorate the spirit. Spend some uninterrupted time with friends, read an inspirational book or return to a hobby that you have set aside. Fill your day with things that are impossible amid the responsibilities of child care, recognising that your children will benefit from your rehabilitation. They will return to a re-energised parent, instead of one coming off six weeks of depression.

From TODAY, Voices
Thursday, 02-April-2009
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