Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The signs are under your nose

By Dr James Dobson

Author Linda Weber tells about a big dinner party she had planned. She had stretched the dining-room table to its fullest length, setting all the leaves in place before hurrying on to other preparations.

Before long, she heard a crash; there in the dining room lay the table, broken in half under the weight of the extra leaves. In her haste, Linda forgot to add the fifth leg needed to support the centre.

Had she taken a moment to think about what she was doing, she would have seen that the table was sagging, but she was just too busy.

Linda applied this illustration to the raising of children. “Parents today,” she said, “are more over-committed and distracted than ever before.” That breathless pace makes it difficult to monitor signs of trouble in our kids.

They are often right under our noses, but who has time to see them? Then suddenly, a collapse occurs. A drug addiction pops up or a kid gets kicked out of school, or an illness finally comes to light.

Is your “table” sagging at home? Maybe you should take time to examine the stress points in your family. You might be able to provide the support that will keep the entire structure from crashing down.

From TODAY, Voices
Tuesday, 31-March-2009
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