Wednesday, April 22, 2009


By Dr Bill Maier

And you thought it was safe to send your children to the playground!

Most parents are pretty good about steering their kids away from outdated equipment and rickety monkey bars, but still, children find a way to get hurt.

There are a few important guidelines to remember when sending your children to the playground.

First, make sure they have adult supervision. If you cannot be there with them, see that someone else is.

Second, check the equipment for safety. Toddlers should never be allowed on anything higher than 1.2 metres, and the ground beneath should have plenty of sand — between 8cm to 23cm is the standard.

Finally, watch out for peeling paint, sharp edges or exposed bolts — anything that could cause a cut or splinter.

Parents assume most playgrounds are safe, but nothing can replace diligence and careful supervision.

From TODAY, Voices – Wednesday, 22-April-2009
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