Friday, April 24, 2009

Help your kids take on bullies

By Dr Bill Maier

Does your child know how to deal with a bully in school? Children who are bullied want to get the bully to stop — they just don’t always know how.

Parents can do a lot to help, but it is important that we do not embarrass our kids or make a habit of working their problems out for them.

Begin by talking to your child about the bullying. Help them open up and share their feelings and fears. Make sure they know that the problem is with the bully, not them.

The fact is, children who pick on other kids are typically the most insecure, and they are often the most in need of help. Encourage your child to talk to their teacher or principal about what has been going on, and then to report the details back to you.

Resist talking to the principal yourself unless you absolutely have to. By teaching our kids how to work through their bully problems instead of doing it for them, we’re empowering them to work through future struggles as well.

From TODAY, Voices – Friday, 24-April-2009
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