Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are your kids in category one?

By Dr James Dobson

Let’s talk today about two kinds of children that are seen in every school classroom.

Those in the first category are by nature rather organised individuals who just care about details.

They take their learning process very seriously and assume full responsibility for assignments given. Parents of these children don’t have to monitor their progress to keep them working. It’s their way of life, and it’s consistent with their temperaments.

In the second category of children are boys and girls who just don’t fit in with the structure of the classroom.

They have a natural aversion to work and they love to play. They withstand a storm of parental protest every few weeks, and then when no one’s looking, slip back into apathy.

We really should talk more about these disorganised children, because God sure made a lot of them. They drive their parents to distraction, and their unwillingness to work can turn their homes into World War III.

I have some suggestions that may help, and we’ll discuss a few of them tomorrow.

From TODAY, Voices - Thursday, 16-April-2009
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